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Have you applied for finance recently and been advised you do not meet the lenders criterea, with no other explanation ? Have you always obtained finance in the past and established a good credit history, but now you are now left wandering what has changed ? Is this your first time….. read more

Are you a casual employee and other lending institutions are unable to assist you with out long term employment with the same employer ? Most lenders require a minimum of 12 months in the same job. This makes it difficult for casual employees to get a second car for the family or upgrade their current vehicle…. read more

Getting a loan when you are self employed can, most of the time be a real nightmare, some lending institutions don’t really understand how your business works. This is where things can get very complicated with many lenders shying away from the unconventional commercial finance. To get a car loan when you are self employed can …… read more

For a student, buying a second hand car is not as simple as taking some savings out of the bank and walking to a dealership to get a car on a loan. The first hurdle that faces students is the fact that they do not have any existing credit history to prove their credibility…… read more

As a Full Time Parent you have a lot more to worry about than finding a car loan, lending Institutions do not seem to give you a fair go and don’t want to help you with your situation. As a full time parent you may need to get a larger car to help you with the transportation of your family……. read more

When you first arrive in Australia and try to get a loan the lending institutions don’t seem to want to give you a fair go, especially if you do not have an established credit history in this country. This can make it very difficult for you to get a car loan in Brisbane as your credit history and even your assets in your native country bare little weight when applying for a loan in Australia….. read more

Getting a car loan when you are a pensioner seems quite difficult and certainly you get dragged over the coals, more than you should, you have worked very hard most of you life and deserve to be given afair go. The biggest trouble pensioners’ face while getting a car is that Lending institutions don’t look at the whole picture and assess….. read more

Once discharged from bankruptcy, rebuilding your credit history is the next hurdle to face. Re-establishing yourself is not as straight forward as it should be. Many lenders are not willing to give you that second chance, putting unrealistic conditions in place,making it difficult, if not impossible to finance that car you need…… read more

Those who have defaulted in the past have difficulties when it comes to getting a loan for a car. The situation can be very upsetting because of unavoidable situations or unforeseen circumstances and to recover from that is very difficult. This causes a lot of grief when it comes to getting a car loan because finding the right financing institution that will look at your situation favourably is very difficult…… read more

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