Why Choose Us?


Since 2006, we have been helping our clients finance their next big purchase.


We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to create the best customer experience.


Let us guide you through the often confusing approval process, making it simple for you.


One size doesnt fit all. Knowing all customers have different financial backgrounds is what sets us apart.

At Miracle Car Finance (MCF) we’re not afraid to be different, in fact that’s what we strive to be.

Back in 2006 our founders noticed there are a lot of good people out there finding it hard to get finance and for no good reason. That’s why they started MCF with the motto “We make it Happen!” 

We don’t assess based on who you are, where you’ve been or what you do, we look at your current situation and your ability to afford a loan. That’s why we say yes more often, unlike other finance companies who treat customers like numbers and are quick to judge.

Our team takes the time to look at each individual application to find the best loan to suit your needs. 

We are constantly tweaking and improving our secured finance products to suit a wide range of people in different situations. It gives our team the tools and products they need to find the right secured finance solution for you. That’s why We make it happen more often. 

There are many reasons why someone can find it hard to get finance and we strive to help good people who are fed up with being declined regardless of their affordability.

With our range of secured loan products we are able to help with-

How to apply for a loan

Our stress free process, makes applying for a secured loan simple

– Apply online here

-Provide relevant documentation for assessment

-Or, give us a call and we will guide you through the simple process