New Arrivals Finance and Loans

Looking for finance and you’ve recently relocated to Australia?

So you’re new to Australia or you’re back from time away. The team at Miracle Car Finance (MCF) welcomes you to the beautiful place they call home! With some of us having experienced what is involved in moving to a new country whether you’re here to stay, here for work or here to study we know there’s a lot to do to set up your new life here.

Moving and setting up can be a very costly exercise which is why many people chose to finance some of those bigger ticket items turning them into smaller manageable repayments letting you keep some of your cash for the unknowns. It can be confusing trying to work through the ins and outs of financing which is why our team at MCF are given the tools and knowledge they need to provide you the personalised service and help guide you through the process.

We Make It Happen!

If you have questions you’d like to ask before getting started, the friendly staff at MCF are ready to answer your questions and do what they can to help make everything as smooth as possible to get the approval you need to get set up.

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What Finance or Loans do we offer?

We have a wide range of Finance products designed to cater for a wide range of people with different circumstances. Everyone is unique and we think every loan should be set up for each individual. MCF doesn’t just offer car loans although that’s where we started all those years ago we offer secured finance options for a range of things such as cars, bikes, boats, machinery, equipment and many more.