Self Employed Finance and Loans

Working for yourself? Don’t let finances stop you growing!

Whether you’ve just started your own business, working for yourself or wanting to grow, finance when you’re self employed isn’t always straight forward. Most lenders will shy away if you’ve started recently but not us! At Miracle Car Finance (MCF) we spend the time to look at your situation in depth to work towards an approval. We’ve got a reputation for helping those self employed and new in business get the finance they need.

Let us help you find an approval sooner!

We Make it Happen!

Thanks to our personal approach and the time our team spends looking at your options we get those approvals more often and sooner. In some cases our business and sole trader clients rely on our finance products to help grow their business and income with new machinery, trucks, cars and many more. 

The team is eager and ready to help you with your secured finance needs whether it be something for yourself and the family or the next step for your business. They will guide you through the process and options available. 

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