Secured Finance and Loans

Here at Miracle Car Finance (MCF) we’re always working hard to provide our customers with more options and a better experience.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to finance which is why our team spends that extra time finding the right fit for each customer. 

Below is an overview of the different options available at Miracle Car Finance –

Quick and Easy Finance

You might be excited about what you’re going to buy when you’re approved but nobody was ever excited about the finance application. That’s why we give the team at MCF the tools and training they need to make the process of applying quick and easy. Apply Now

Casual Employment Finance and Loans

Casual employees can be some of the busiest people working long hours despite the misconception that your job isn’t as ‘stable’. Unlike other lenders we don’t assess based only on your employment status. We look at your unique situation to find the best approval for your next loan. Find out more about casual employee finance here

Self Employed Finance and Loans

Some of the most successful people are self-employed despite most finance companies marking them as high risk without asking any questions. We don’t shy away easily though we take the time to look at your individual situation and affordability to decide on your approval. See more info here

No Credit History

What sets us apart from the pack when it comes to getting finance unlike other lenders, we are excited to offer you the chance to start building your credit history. It doesn’t have to be a mission to get your first loan. Find out how we can help here

Single Parents

You’ve already got a big job ahead if you’re a single parent raising your kids. Worrying about getting a loan for some of the important big purchases shouldn’t be part of it. Our team will make the application process simple when getting your next loan. See how we can help here

New Arrivals

Moving to a new country you’ll probably have a list as long as your arm of things you need to get set up. It can be difficult to find finance for the bigger things when your job, home and finance history is so new. Let us help check off some of those larger items with our range of secured finance options see more info here


With so many different types of pensions it doesn’t make sense for everyone receiving one to be treated the same, no two people are alike after all. At MCF we don’t try to fit you into a category, how much you can borrow shouldn’t be based on being a pensioner but based on your affordability. Find out how we can get you the best approval here

Ex-Bankrupt Finance

Bankruptcy is with you for quite a while but it doesn’t have to be forever. We have given many customers their second chance to rebuild their credit file. Find out more here

Finance with defaults

Have you got current defaults showing on your credit file? We understand life happens when we assess a loan it’s not just assessed on your credit file. See how we can help Here