Current Defaults – Finance and Loans

So you have defaults, don’t despair! We have helped many good people with bad credit problems get their second chance.

 Having defaults on your credit file can cause headaches for years after they’re listed when applying for finance, many finance companies are unwilling to ask how or why you were defaulted. 

What sets us apart here at Miracle Car Finance (MCF);  we get it, life happens, sometimes without knowing. Our team is understanding, they ask the questions about what happened and they assess your application based on your present not just your past.

We Make It Happen!

What helps make our team so successful at getting people from all walks of life approved is the massive range of secured finance products MCF has tailored to cater to a wide range of circumstances. We will work with you and guide you through the process with personalised service that you deserve while helping get you approved.

Get in touch with us and let our team help you keep the past where it belongs. They’re ready and eager to answer your questions or get the ball rolling on the way to an approval for your next big purchase.

How to get in touch-

Call us on: (07) 3299 2972

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