Pensioner Finance and Loans

Get the individual service you deserve!

When you’re living on a pension we know every dollar counts. Of course when you’re planning on buying some of the more expensive things in life such as a car you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best quality you can to last. With secured finance it helps split the cost of bigger ticket items up into smaller easily manageable repayments giving you the funds you need to get what’s right for you.

At Miracle Car Finance (MCF) we have been helping customers receiving a pension get the affordable finance they need to make their next big purchase since 2006.

We Make it Happen!

Our assessments aren’t boxed in categories such as ‘pensioner’ like most lenders and are. The team at MCF spends the time going through your individual situation to get you the best loan possible, we’ve even been known to consistently beat well known lenders with our approvals. If you’re looking for some fair secured finance get in touch with us and experience our personal service while one of our team members helps guide you through the approval process.